This School Year is Finished

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Well, I have to chuckle as I looked at the description of my blog.  I say my purpose is to collect my thoughts on homeschooling, childrearing, etc.  Apparently I don’t have many thoughts since I’ve let another 7 months go by and I haven’t written anything 😆

We finished our last “official” day for the school year today.  All we did was math, listen to one chapter in Story of the World Part III and finish a map of Africa.  But I like to kind of wind down.  I feel like we actually learned a whole lot this year even with our little blessing coming in mid-October.

Here is a list of things I’ve learned this year.

  • Begin my day with prayer.
  • Begin our school day with prayer.
  • I must guard against my tendency to just check things off instead of encouraging learning.
  • I need to incorporate more projects into our learning.
  • Schedules and routines are a good thing.
  • Don’t let the schedule rule my life.
  • Chores worked well this year.  I need to give the kids more for next year.

We’re going to take a couple of weeks off.  I do hope to continue with math periodically over the summer.  I would also like to finish our history book.  We have 6 more chapters.

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