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KinderBach is a piano program designed for young students ages 2-7.  The program consists of on-line video lessons taught by Karri Gregor, the company’s creator.  She developed the program for teaching her own children after finding no piano teacher willing to teach students younger than 7.  Karri is energetic and teaches at a level that …

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Puppetools Review

As part the The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, I was given the opportunity to review a unique website: Puppetools.  What is Puppetools?  If you guessed that it has something to do with puppets you were right!  But Puppetools is not just about puppets.  It’s about revolutionizing the education system in America.  On the one hand …

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I have something to brag about.  My 10 year old son has done his math everyday for the last month without complaining!  Is this due to my fabulous parenting skills?  What about my exciting teaching?  Unfortunately the answer is no on both counts.  As part of the Homeschool Crew, I’ve been given a free trial …

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Time 4 Learning

Time4Learning is an on-line education program that offers instruction in reading, language arts, and math. It can be used as a core curriculum, for enrichment, or for remediation. Lessons are available from the preschool level all the way through middle school. In addition to the core subjects, there are also science and social studies enrichment …

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Spears Art Studio Review – K-8 Christian Art Curriculum

Spears Art Studio has produced a wonderful art curriculum for K-8 students.  The author is Dr. Diane S. Spears, an artist who also has an Ed.D. in Christian Education. The curriculum was specifically developed to teach children art from a Biblical World View.  It is available on a convenient CD-ROM. The CD contains 35 weekly …

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