How to Make Catalog Christmas Trees

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I love making decorations for Christmas. But it’s hard to spend extra money on craft supplies at Christmas with an already stretched budget. (Really, I SHOULD think about Christmas crafting all year long, but I never do.)

But if your house is anything like ours, you probably receive tons of catalogs this time of year. Why not use them for something instead of throwing them away?

How to Make Catalog Christmas Trees

This is a great project to use some of those catalogs. They do need to be fairly thick to make a full enough tree.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Fold the page down from the top corner, making the top even with the center of the catalog.



2. Repeat for every page in the catalog.



3. Fold  page in half again making a narrower triangle.





4. Repeat for every page.

5. Tuck end inside of fold.


6. Crease and repeat for every page.



7. Stand up and fluff it out. Here’s our finished project spray painted gold.

Catalog Christmas Trees

I’d like to make a whole “forest” of different sized trees for my mantle!

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