Putting on the Spirit

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I have a confession.

I have trouble being consistent with studying the Bible.

I want to. I plan to. But all too often, I let things get in the way.

Like sleep.

Or the computer.

Or chores.

Honestly, the thing that worked the best and the longest was being in a weekly Bible study with other women. Due to various circumstances, that’s not something I can do at this time, and I miss it. I miss both the accountability and the fellowship.

#puttingonthespirit #busymomdevosI recently was given the opportunity to review a new devotional by Katie Hornor titled Putting on the Spirit.

I definitely need that. (Really, who doesn’t?)

The sub-title is also intriguing: Ten-minute Devotions for Busy Moms.

OK. I’m a mom.

I’m busy.

Surely I have 10 minutes, right?

When I downloaded my copy of Putting on the Spirit, I expected to find some devotional thoughts on the different fruit of the spirit. Maybe some mom anecdotes.

However that is not what I found at all. I would classify this as more of a Bible study than a devotional. Not a complicated, in-depth Bible study, but still more study, less devotional.

Maybe I have a different picture of devotional, but when I think of devotional, I think of something that I read and think about. Hopefully something speaks to me, and I’ll think of it again during the day. But not always. But a devotional is just a short scripture passage and a few thoughts on the passage. It does not involve looking up other scripture or answering questions.

Putting on the Spirit does involve me. It’s a study. A lighter Bible study. (Don’t imagine doing multiple word stories and pages of cross references.) But there are cross references. And questions to answer. The author even provides a free workbook on her website. ( http://paradisepraises.com/putting-on-the-spirit/)

I am impressed with this study. It’s simple, yet deep. It’s short, but meaningful. It’s all of these things because it’s not much of the author’s own thoughts, but instead  her guiding you through the Bible for yourself.

Has this book provided the miraculous end of my struggle with consistency? Well, no. But should I expect any study to do that? No. That comes from being consistent. (I know that seems crazy, but it’s really true. The more time you spend with God in study and prayer, the easier it becomes because then you recognize your need even more.) But it’s a start.

This week Putting on the Spirit is only $0.99 on Amazon.com (Kindle version). And today (Tuesday) it’s free! There is also a Spanish version coming soon.




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  1. Oh, I wish I wasn’t behind on my blog reading, this looks like a good book and I would of loved to try it for free. But .99 isn’t much either. 🙂

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