Nov 202010
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Workaholic Randy Simpkins (Dean Cain) is preparing for a much needed vacation with his wife Christal and their 3 sons. Somehow as they are loading the van to leave, their youngest son, 2 year old Joe, disappears. Their initial minor annoyance turns to gut-wrenching fear as police and search crews arrive to comb the acres of woods and ponds surrounding their rural Georgia home. As more time passes, the chances of finding Joe safe become slimmer. The whole community comes out to aid in the search, and Randy realizes that his work habits have prevented him from having a good relationship with his family.

I have had The Way Home on my to-watch list for a while and finally found time to watch it last night. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! This true story was extremely well done. Much effort was made to keep the film true to the actual story. First, Randy Simpkins was the Executive Producer of the film. Second, both he and Christal had cameo appearances in the film, and finally the movie was shot at the Simpkins’ home. Dean Cain was excellent as Randy Simpkins. He was completely believable in the role.

The message of the movie, though nothing new or earth-shattering, is still something all Christians need to hear. We all recognize the need to put God and our families first, but we allow the things of this world to take the place that rightfully belongs to God and our family. And it’s often such a gradual change, that we don’t realize that we have allowed our priorities to become skewed.

I do think that the film missed a major opportunity to emphasize the wife’s role in keeping the right priorities. Christal nagged her husband about how he wasn’t doing a good job as a husband and father. She spoke to him very harshly. There was no mention of repentance on her part. I think that wives need to remember that we need to be easy to come home to! I am reminded of Proverbs 21:9–

[It is] better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.

and Proverbs 21:19–

[It is] better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

I am not blaming the wife for a husband that fails to fulfill his God-ordained role, but it is still her responsibility to fulfill her own role. (I am definitely preaching to myself here. I could hear my own complaining tone as I watched the movie. I wondered how I would respond in the same situation.)

I really enjoyed and would recommend this movie to others.

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  6 Responses to “The Way Home”

  1. Sounds like a very interesting movie. I’ll have to put it on my Netflix list, if it’s there. 🙂


  2. Kristen,
    Thank you for your critique of “The Way Home”. I wanted to share with you that we wanted the movie to be our true testimony and that day portrayed accurately. I think you assessment was correct, but felt it was important to let you know that Christal’s actions that day are in no way reflective of Christal on an every day basis. My absence due to work did cause a great deal of stress in our relationship back then, and both of us had plenty of room to grow in our relationship with God and each other. I would love to refer you to our book, “Our Way Home” that explains much more than just that day. If you would like, we would gladly send you a copy. Thanks again for your kind words, and I’m glad the movie had the intended impact.

    Randy Simpkins

    • I found this movie by accident on one of the free channels on my smart tv.i cried through the majority of it. Thank you for sharing your story of just how amazing our God is! What a blessing. Where is this book sold at? I’d love to read the book that inspired this touching movie!

  3. Great review. Will add this to my list of must see movies from the Library.

    Lori – TOS crew

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  5. This movie captured how insignificant our lives are as compared to the universe and how quickly something can happen that can change our lives. This movie did a great job of showing the devastating affects that happened. What an awesome testament. Thank you for sharing your story and your lives with us.

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