Apr 132010
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The love of learning.

It’s one of those homeschooling phrases people throw around. It’s on our Why We Homeschool list.

But what does it mean?

When my son complains about school, the guilt starts creeping in.

Have I blown it?

Does he hate learning because I’ve forced him to study things he doesn’t like?

Is everything totally hopeless?

(I do tend to overreact.)

What I’ve come to realize is that just because my son doesn’t always want to do schoolwork, doesn’t mean that I’ve destroyed his love of learning. He does still learn a lot on his own by his own choice. He just isn’t interested in every topic. And really, are you? I know I’m not.

So why do I continue to make him do “school” that he doesn’t like? I recognize that some may disagree, but there are certain things that we want our children to know and understand. By teaching them, we’re giving them the tools they need to continue to learn.

If the child that hates math discovers an interest in chemistry, he’s going to need those math skills. If I haven’t helped him to acquire the necessary skills, it will inhibit his ability to learn things he wants to learn.

Here are 10 tips for raising children who love learning:

  1. Give children time to explore their own interests.
  2. Limit frivolous screen time.
  3. Give educational gifts that develop a child’s interest or help him discover a new interest.
  4. Spend family time visiting museums, historical places, etc.
  5. Watch educational television together. (We enjoy Moody Science Videos. See my review.)
  6. Buy books.
  7. Read to your children.
  8. Read yourself.
  9. Show interest in learning new things.
  10. Learn new things together.

So how do you instill the love of learning in your children?

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  One Response to “Children who love to learn”

  1. That is very thoughtful. I too wonder why I push my DD to learn something she doesn't want to, but it is so that she has the tools and foundation to be able to pursue her interests and passions. I like your list too.

    AF Wife99


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