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Sometimes I just can’t take clutter and I’ve got to do something about it, whether I really have time or not.

That’s how my day has gone.

I wanted to take a picture of some interesting looking animal tracks in the snow before they were gone. And why? Well, because I’m a homeschool mom and we do weird things like that. I got the picture, but in the process discovered that the camera battery was dead. (Actually, I made my husband take the picture because I was still in my pajamas. He didn’t get exactly the angle I wanted, but I didn’t feel right about complaining, because well, he did oblige and take a picture of animal tracks in the snow for me.)

So we started looking for the charger. It wasn’t in it’s usual place, so I looked in the clutter magnet, otherwise known as the little cabinet in our chest that we’ve never know quite what to do with.

I emptied it out and piled all the crazy contents on the bed.

(I forgot to take a “before” picture of the inside of the cabinet. I’m just strange enough to want to take pictures of animal tracks, but I have trouble remembering to take pictures of things before I start fixing them.)

Of course then I had to sort and purge the contents. How many old business cards and expired insurance cards does a person truly need? Plus I had some jewelry (not valuable) that I was definitely NEVER going to wear again. That went directly into the Goodwill bag.

After sorting and purging, I put the remaining contents back in. Sigh. That’s better.

But still not great. I really wish I could figure out a better way to use the space. I’m wasting a lot of potential VERTICAL storage. Maybe I should go shopping for something to organize this???

From there, my decluttering frenzy moved to the computer. I can now happily announce that my blog reader has 0 unread items! (I may not have exactly READ them all, but I did scroll through and look for things that I really needed to read.) I also went through my e-mail inbox and am down to 50 e-mails.

Now the pile beside the bed is calling my name.

And if you’re wondering. We found the charger. It was in the first place we looked, right where it should have been. I’m not sure how I missed it.

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1 thought on “Decluttering”

  1. I like to take pictures of things like that too- if I had any tracks in the snow in Maui! But I definitely get hit with the clutter bug too. I would recommend a stacking wire shelf for your cabinet from Walmart or Target. That way you can use the vertical space. Happy organizing!

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