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This week for Works for Me Wednesday I have another one of those tips that seem so obvious and yet took me a while to think of. We all like to keep various papers and notes handy so that we know where they are. A lot of people have chosen to hang everything on their refrigerator. I do have some things on my refrigerator (I actually need to do a little cleanup of the outside of my fridge currently.), BUT too many papers make the whole room look messy.

I have found that an excellent place to hide some of those papers you need (or maybe just want) is on the INSIDE of the kitchen cabinet doors. It’s an excellent place to post that phone list, sports schedule, grocery list, or whatever else you tend to put on the refrigerator. I’ve even got newspaper clippings of some of my favorite comics hanging in one of my cabinets. I can reread them and get a good chuckle while I’m unloading the dishwasher.

Of course you can’t use magnets on the inside of your cabinets. However, you could fix that by painting with magnetic paint. You could also paint the inside of a cabinet door with chalkboard paint! I haven’t actually tried either of these ideas, so I’m just sticking with tape for now.

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3 thoughts on “Using Hidden Spaces”

  1. The Prudent Homemaker

    I have an infant medicine chart posted on the inside of my medicine cabinet. It shows the amount of ibruprofen and acetamenophin for infants by weight, so that you can give an exact dosage.

    I'm planning to hang a couple of charts this week on the inside of my shed door that show the proper amounts of fertilizer for fruit trees and roses.

    We don't hang anything on the fridge at all.

    I keep a master grocery list for each store on my computer to print up to take to the store with me. I'm hoping to scale it down so that it will fit perfectly in my planner, and then I'll just highlight things on the list as I see that we need them.


    My mom used to have her weekly shopping list on the inside of a cabinet door. Such a great idea. Thank you for the reminder!

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