Tapestry of Grace Unit Celebration – Year 1, Unit 1

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Last week we completed Unit 1 of Tapestry of Grace Year 1.  What an amazing unit!  We spent the first 3 weeks studying Egypt, the second 3 weeks included Creation, the Flood, and the Patriarchs, as well as Mesopotamia.  The final 3 weeks  focused on Moses, the Law, and the Tabernacle.

To celebrate the end of our Tapestry of Grace unit we had a celebration with our co-op. We all brought in our projects from Unit 1.

tapestry of grace unit celebration
This is our project table.


The main event for the evening was a Seder meal. I have never participated in a Seder meal before so it was a new experience for me. The speaking parts were divided up among all the participants.

tapestry of grace unit celebration
Here’s our section of the table. Doesn’t my husband look excited?


We all enjoyed celebrating the end of our first unit of TOG and learning about the Jewish Passover celebration together.


Now it’s off to Unit 2! This week is Ancient India.

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