Around the World Night

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Last Friday, our local homeschool group sponsored “Around the World Night”.  This was the first year we participated.  We chose Madagascar for our country. Actually my husband picked it because it was unusual and had interesting animals to study. We used pictures from Enchanted Learning for a Ring-tailed lemur and a chameleon. We found a really great site called that has incredible photographs of Madagascar that were free to use for educational purposes.This link takes you directly to their educational page. Here is a picture of our display.





Here are my kiddos in front of their board.

Here are a couple of other displays.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I meant to. I got busy talking.  We enjoyed the event and the kids learned a lot.  I think that if we participate next year, we’ll try to bring food and items from the country.  My daughter also wished she was in costume.  At the time, I felt good just managing to get our poster done.  Hopefully, next year they’ll do more independent work on the project.

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3 thoughts on “Around the World Night”

  1. How beautiful. YOu guys must have worked really hard on that. WE read Around the world in 80 days and did a sort of lapbook on all the stops, eham okay we stopped halfway becasue the other hs family flaked on us and we were working on it together.

    I think you took great pics and Its nic you guys enjoyed it.


  2. Your kids did a great job. We've done something like this before w/ our homeschool group. It's always so much fun.

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