Sod House

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We are starting a study of pioneers in history.  Today I read Sod Houses on the Great Plains  by Glen Rounds to the kids.  Then we built a sod house from brownies. That project idea came from Projects About Westward Expansion by Marian Broida. A similar project can also be found in Great Pioneer Projects You Can Build Yourself .

Here is picture of the completed sod house.  (Yes, the roof is lame. The project suggested spreading chocolate icing on the cardboard and then sticking brownie halves on the icing, but I wasn’t going to make chocolate icing to spread on cardboard. )


Here is the soddy after the Playmobile farm people moved in.


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3 thoughts on “Sod House”

  1. What a yummy dirt house! I remember reading about this last year myself, and I was just stunned to know they lived in houses like this while they built "real" house! AMAZING!

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