Gingerbread Houses

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I am really behind on my posting, but I wanted to shared these pictures anyway.  Over our Christmas holiday we went to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC (we didn’t stay there!) and looked at gingerbread houses that were on display for a contest.  These houses were absolutely incredible.  We couldn’t believe some of the detail.  Enjoy

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3 thoughts on “Gingerbread Houses”

  1. They were so awesome; I watched the slides at least 6 times. Is there anyway I can save the pictures (the slides are too fast for me)? I would love to encourage my kids to try this. Thanks.


  2. I saw your blog listed in the Yahoo group and thought I'd come over and check it out. Isn't it amazing what someone can do with gingerbread?? Every year up here in NY there is a big display of gingerbread houses. They look like real houses, with all the detail. Come over and check out mine when you get a chance.


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