High School Curriculum Plans

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I can’t believe it, but next year 2 of my students will be in high school! I must say that overall high school has not been as scary and hard as I thought it would be, but it has been a big change in our day to day schedule with the addition of outside classes.

David will be a junior next year and that’s the year to really ramp up the college planning.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy lining up the classes that David and Anna will be taking both inside and outside the home next year.

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Curriculum Choices-00211th grade plan

The current plan is for David to take Spanish 1 with a small group in someone’s home.

He will hopefully be taking an American Literature class with our local homeschool enrichment group.
Complementing American Literature is American History. We are planning on using the American History course from Compass Classroom. (Read my review)

We’re brining him home for math again and will be using both Thinkwell and Life of Fred for Calculus. We purchased Thinkwell through the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op. They run periodic group buys for Thinkwell classes.

He’ll be taking Physics using Apologia. Right now the plan is to do that at home, but if we suddenly come into extra money, we could sign him up for an outside class for that as well. But that’s not likely.

Curriculum Choices-0019th grade plan

My daughter Anna will be in the 9th grade next year!

We are planning on her taking Apologia Biology with our homeschool enrichment group.

Notgrass World History High SchoolWorld History will probably be Notgrass.

Literature will be a combination of the Notgrass readings and Excellence in Literature. I’m also strongly considering The Elegant Essay from IEW.

For math, she will be finishing Jacob’s Geometry at the first of the year, then moving on to Algebra 2. (I have Foerster’s for her to use. I’ve never used it before, so we’ll have to see how that works. David used Life of Fred, but Anna doesn’t think that would be very effective for her.)

We also are planning on her taking an on-line Latin 3 class from Memoria Press. The text is Henle 2nd year.


Hopefully we will be taking a reasonably long summer break. However, there are a few things that definitely need to be finished.

David has to finish his chemistry course. Our journey through chemistry is a subject for another day. Lucky kid. Since he’s the oldest, I get to experiment on him.

Fourth Form LatinAnna has to finish Fourth Form Latin before she starts Latin 3 in the fall.


I have to get David’s transcript updated. To do that, I need to write some course titles and descriptions for his electives. I also need to get the big picture mapped out for Anna.



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6 thoughts on “High School Curriculum Plans”

  1. Looks like you have some great things planned. I can’ believe our oldest is graduating this year. It’s truly a blessing to see her shine and get ready for all the Lord has for her after high school. 🙂

  2. Nice post. I love Memoria Press’ Latin products. We’ve never used the DVDs, but I’m considering them for upcoming students. My first took to Latin easily, so we didn’t have a need for them. She’s taking Latin in college right now, so I know their stuff gets kids prepared for the next level.

  3. Okay you are using a lot of curriculum I am very interested in for my kiddos as they get older. Have you done a review on Jacobs? We are using Saxon right now and both Jacobs and Foresters are Math programs I’ve thought about using. I’m also really interested in the Snodgrass History and I keep going back and forth between them and For Such a Time as This’ History. Anyway, I thought you might want to link up with the Finishing Strong Homeschooling Middle & High School Link-up. http://aspiredliving.net/2014/04/09/finishing-strong-middle-high-school-2/ . It’s every Wednesday, I hope to see you there! .

    1. Thanks for the invitation! I linked up with you. I have not reviewed Jacob’s or Notgrass, but that’s a good idea for future posts!

  4. Hi, Kristen! I love that your homeschool plans use a variety of curricula from all sorts of publishers. Eons ago, when my three children were small, our options were limited. Often, we’d use one publisher for all subjects for the whole year, and you can only imagine how that crippled the learning process!

    I can tell you’ve taken your children’s interests and learning styles into account with your planning. They have much to be grateful for!

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