Jan 202014
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GeographyVCFYou might be a homeschooler if…

Your family quizzes one another on what state their cracker or tortilla chip looks like.

Actually that probably makes us weird among homeschoolers.

We are a family who really likes maps.

Before we were married, my husband and I pored over a map together while waiting to pick up basketball tickets. For fun.

Whether it is a matter of genetics or environment, we have 5 children who are all interested in geography.

Here is Lizzie (now 7) playing with a talking globe.

Almost 12 years ago, my husband came up with a great idea for a family project. It took 8 years, but we visited every county seat in North Carolina! Here’s a video that David made to summarize that project.

I confess, we all weren’t always excited about that project. But it is a fun accomplishment.

Our geography studies are something that happens very naturally. We make sure to have maps of all kinds, for all ages.

Disclosure: None of the Amazon links are affiliate links since Amazon.com will not let NC residents be affiliates due to a disagreement about sales tax. I’m not bitter about it.

We love map placemats like these. (I recommend looking for these locally. I have found them at Wal-mart.) This type of US map puzzle is great for preschool and early elementary age children.

The talking globe was a wonderful learning tool. However, it was fairly expensive and it unfortunately doesn’t work reliably anymore. But, I do consider a traditional globe a homeschool essential. We also have this puzzle globe and this inflatable globe.

There are super geography apps available now. My kids all love Stack the States and Stack the Countries.

Google Maps and Google Earth are amazing tools for geography exploration. William loves to explore both places we have visited and places he’d like to go. David always studies the route before a trip and  uses Google Maps to map cross country courses and running routes.

Another thing that we have done as a family to study geography together is watch educational videos. We enjoy How the States Got Their Shapes. (Viewer discretion advised. There is occasionally some bad language. We also like season 1 better than season 2.) We also liked this History Channel series called The States.

Thanks for visiting for this week’s stop at the Virtual Curriculum Fair. How do you study geography?

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  10 Responses to “Raising Map Nuts: Learning Geography Naturally”

  1. […] Raising Map Nuts: Learning Geography Naturally by Kristen @ Sunrise to Sunset […]

  2. […] Raising Map Nuts: Learning Geography Naturally by Kristen @ Sunrise to Sunset […]

  3. We bought that globe for our kids for Christmas after you first shared that impressive video a few years ago. There are so many resources now to make geography fun. I’m not familiar with the tv shows you have mentioned, but will look into them to add to our Netflix list. Thanks!

  4. Wow, interresting indeed. Here Zach is my map lover, but mainly because he likes to plan world domination lol.

  5. What a fun project! That is some impressive traveling. I am working on getting my kids to be more interested in Geography- we have moved 13 times in the past 21 years, after all! (and from NC!)

  6. what a great post. Thanks for sharing your videos..

  7. […] Raising Map Nuts: Learning Geography Naturally by Kristen @ Sunrise to Sunset […]

  8. Did you know that you can download free topographical maps from the USGS of your area? My husband took the file to a local printer and got huge maps printed. They are hanging on my living room wall—y’all are not the only map nuts, lol. 😉

  9. […] World by Laura @ Four Little PenguinsMy Favourite Social Studies Curriculum by Kim @ Homestead AcresRaisingMap Nuts: Learning Geography Naturally by Kristen @ Sunrise to SunsetThe Whos, Wheres and Whys by Michele P @Family, Faith and […]

  10. […] myself to be fairly knowledgable in the subject of geography. As a family, we’re committed to Raising Map Nuts. We make up geography games and quiz each other on the what state our tortilla chip looks like. […]

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