Mining the Hard Drive or Freebie Amnesia

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I’m a nut for freebies.

I’ve been downloading really great free homeschooling resources for years.

And forgetting to use them…

I hope I’m not the only homeschooler who has freebie amnesia.

This afternoon I went through the files on my laptop and my external hard drive and I dug up some real gems that will coordinate with our studies this year. The big reason I don’t remember to use things is that I download something thinking it will be great when we study the Civil War or astronomy or whatever and then I forget to look when we finally are studying that topic. Hopefully since I’m looking now, I’ll actually remember to use these!

Everyone (minus baby) will be studying the years 1800-1900 using Tapestry of Grace Year 3. Here’s what I found to go along with that.

(I’m linking to most of these products at CurrClick. These are affiliate links. The products are no longer free. But you can see the real value in collecting freebies!)

In the Hands of a Child – Slavery in North America

In the Hands of a Child – Christian Missionaries to Know

In the Hands of a Child – Thomas Edison

A Classical Copybook Covering Early Modern History (This looks like a revised version of what I have.)

Learn the Presidents in Order

Great Civil War Projects You Can Build Yourself

Great Pioneer Projects You Can Build Yourself

For science for my younger children I plan on focusing on nature study. I purchased Considering God’s Creation for my oldest daughter and am planning on picking topics for my 3rd grade son and K daughter that coordinate with that.

I found some more great lapbooks on my hard drive for science.

In the Hands of a Child – Butterflies

In the Hands of a Child – Bees

For my Kindergartner, I found:

Song School Latin Coloring Pages

Simple Scissor Practice (This one’s still free!)

In the Hands of a Child – The Big Snow (This is the current freebie at In the Hands of a Child.)

In the Hands of a Child – The Girl in the Rag Coat

Enough of the stalling. It’s time to start the serious school planning! (I hope I’m not the only one who suddenly decides to tackle a big seemingly unrelated project when I should be doing something else. I always seemed to have a sudden desire to clean out my closet during finals week!)

Do you have freebie amnesia?



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3 thoughts on “Mining the Hard Drive or Freebie Amnesia”

  1. I definitely have freebie amnesia! I need a better system (or any system at all?) to track what I have so I can utilize it.

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