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I have a little confession. I know next to nothing about studying art and music. Pathetically little. I’d like to remedy that, and it’s something I hope my children never say. Charlotte Mason suggests very simple ways for adding in picture study and classical music to your days. They are simple, but to someone with no knowledge at all, it’s hard to know where to start. What artist do you study? What did he paint anyway? With research, I could probably put something together. But that research just never seems to happen. And consequently neither does art and music study.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Harmony Fine Arts Autumn 2010 Art and Music Appreciation Plans. I should mention that even though Autumn is in the title, these plans are not seasonal and can be used at any time of the year. This e-book features plans for studying the art of Edgar Degas and the music of Sergei Prokofiev. Included are suggested paintings and musical pieces to study. Copies of the paintings themselves are included to print or view on the computer. In addition there are links to listen to the music on-line and suggested downloads.

But this e-book doesn’t just tell you what to study, it provides plans of how to study it and in what order, along with optional additional activities. There are original notebook pages for both the composer and artist studies, as well as coloring pages for several of the studied paintings. The e-book is nicely organized and is easy to navigate with internal links.

Now is where I’m tempted to sound like a cheesy infomercial. How much would you expect to pay for all of this? I’ll try to resist the urge to continue. Seriously, this book is available for $3.25! I know we all have different ideas of what we consider “expensive”, but $3.25 is a real bargain. Even if you know enough to put this all together yourself, it’s worth $3.25 to save your time. And if you’re like me and don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you’re not sure you’ll find the time to do, then this is a very small risk.

You can purchase this e-book here on the Harmony Art Mom blog. You can also view a sample of the book at the same link. If you’re interested in studying art and music appreciation with your children, I urge you to visit Harmony Art Mom and look at this and her other resources.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this e-book in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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