First day of school

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Not Back to School Blog HopToday was our first day of school for this school year. My kids are a 7th grade boy, a 5th grade girl, a 3rd grade boy, and a PreK girl. I’ve missed out on posting for the last two weeks of the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop, but I decided I couldn’t miss Day-in-the-Life Week, since that is my blog title after all.

So here is today.

5:45 am – Husband got up. I tried to sleep a little while longer, but sat up and read my Bible at some point.

6:45am – I picked up computer, checked e-mail and did a little bit of HSB work.

7:05 am – Little one comes downstairs, crawls in my bed and promptly falls asleep.

7:15 am – Realize I’d better take a shower. Older daughter is eating breakfast. Try to print out assignment sheets from laptop. Wireless fails for some reason.

7:45 am – Grab a quick drink of Carnation Instant Breakfast.

7:50 am – Get Little One out of bed and rush to the van to pick up oldest son from Cross Country Practice. Little One in still in pajamas.

8:20 am – Back from Cross Country. Try to print out assignment sheets from desktop. (Why oh why didn’t I do this yesterday?) Yell upstairs for son to wake up laptop so I can retrieve the files.

8:40 am – Tried and tried and couldn’t get the software to load downstairs. Go back upstairs and start coffee. Successfully printed out the assignment sheets from laptop.

9:00 am – Call everyone to the living room for prayer and catechism. Little One can’t find her blankie (what else is new?)

9:20 am – Send 2 youngest downstairs to listen to music. Go over Greek with 2 oldest. Send older daughter to work on English and Greek while I go over English and Algebra assignments with older son.

9:40 am – Younger son comes up and wants to do Latin. I send him back down with the Song School Latin CD to listen to the songs.

9:50 am – Son back so I go over a little bit of Latin with him. He tries to make Little One leave the table. Check on older son. Not making much progress on his English.

10:00 am – Go over math with older daughter. Start Explode the Code with younger son. Check on older son. Still working on English assignment.

10:30 am – Trying not to bang my head against the wall while helping son with Explode the Code. Decide to switch to his math. Help daughter get started with her Latin. A few tears shed (by her, I managed to not cry today.)

10:40 am – Older son finally finished English and asked what he was supposed to do next. What does he think the assignment sheets are for?Β  Younger son doing math with me, older daughter still upset over Latin. Older son did a short Roman numeral lesson in Latin and moved on to Algebra.

11:30 am Daughter finished with her seat work. Younger son still working on math. Older son finishes math and reviews Unit 1 in Latin Alive.

11:55 am Son finishes math. I run to check e-mail.

12:15 pm Fix lunch, eat, send kids to do chores. Worked on laundry and made bread dough. Helped younger son finish Explode the Code. Another session on the computer.

1:45 pm Read science with oldest.

2:00 pm Decide I must lay down. Laid down and read a book. Interrupted multiple times so I never actually went to sleep.

3:00 pm Worked on laundry. Transferred bread to loaf pan. Told everyone to get ready to go to violin lessons.

3:45 pm Left for violin. Dropped off kids at in-laws (except older daughter). Took daughter to violin, had lesson, picked up kids, came home at 5:15.

5:15 pm Made dinner.

6:00 pm Ate and cleaned up.

6:45 pm Folded laundry

7:00 pm Checked e-mail and started writing this blog post.

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11 thoughts on “First day of school”

  1. This is a fun Not Back to School hop assignment. I enjoyed reading your day. It sounds like your first day back was pretty good once the computer behaved!

  2. Sounds like a full day! I didn’t cry until this evening when every one was out of the house playing. And one out of three cried during math. Oh my! Tomorrow will be different…

  3. Ok, so I admit I giggled when I read your 7:50 announcement about picking up eldest son from Cross Country but there had been no mention up till then of dropping him off, so I couldn’t help but envisioning the poor kid running through the night and then finally mom comes to pick him up and he is like “Whew!! Great practice!!” LOL What a day mom had!! πŸ™‚

  4. I had to chuckle at this: “and asked what he was supposed to do next. What does he think the assignment sheets are for?”

    Same here! (Mine is a 13 yo boy.)

    Also having issues printing wireless from my laptop. Grrr. It sure stunts my day! Good idea to print the night before.

    Pace yourself, Girl. I pray you get a real nap today. πŸ™‚

  5. O My goodness πŸ™‚ I smiled through your entire blog….it really is something when you sit down at night and think back through your day. To put it down on “paper” like this almost wears you out all over again. Wore me out just reading through it….found myself trying to catch my breath. Just kidding with ya…you’re an amazing Mom, Kristen, and your kids show that. Keep up the great job!

  6. What a full day! How did you have time to record all that you did?!!! Sounds like y’all got a lot done!

    Thank you for your help with the comments too!


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