Life of Fred Pre-Algebra

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I got a notification that Life of Fred Pre-Algebra is available from Polka Dot Publishing. I just checked the website and he hasn’t even had a chance to add the description. But, it is on the order page. Here’s the description:

Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology
Definition of Life, Sets, Fractions, Germination of Seeds, Area of a Rectangle, Volume of a Cube, Ordinal Numbers, Diameter and Circumference of a Circle, Definition of B, 2% of 500, Four Ways Plants Make New Plants, d = rt, 20% Discount, the Five Kingdoms, Phyla, Classes, Orders, Families, Genera, Species, Your Brain, Conversion Factors, Where the Non-Water Mass of a Plant Comes From—Plants Don’t Eat Dirt, Subsets of Sets, Digestion, Eyes, Negative Numbers, Dominant Genes, Genotypes, Phenotypes, Blood, Staying Alive, Solving Algebraic Equations,
Volume of a Cylinder, Word Problems, Breathing, Chlorophyll vs. Hemoglobin vs. Hemocyanin, Avogadro’s Number, Stoichiometry, the Whole Numbers, a Proof that Division by Zero is Not Permitted, Bones, the Integumentary System, Epidermis and Dermis, Meiosis and Mitosis, Chromosomes, DNA, Alleles, Changing Your Phenotype.
ISBN: 978-0-9791072-2-1, hardback, 288 pages. $29

My son has really enjoyed the Fractions book and is working through Decimals and Percents. He has finally stopped complaining about math! I’m looking forward to the Pre-Algebra book.

By the way, I should mention that I have received nothing from Stanley Schmidt, the author of Life of Fred. I just like the books, think the author has marvelous customer service, and like to share when I find resources I like.

(Edited to fix author’s name. I always want to say his name is Fred because of the books, but it is Stanley.)

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  1. A lot of people really seem to enjoy these books. I have always wished I had one to just "peruse." Our math is all done with different online programs, and so far that is working, but these books do seem valuable!!

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