Fooling the Senses

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Last weekend we watched one of our Moody Science videos, Signposts Aloft. The video was about the need for instrument flight in airplanes and how our senses could be fooled without the instruments. They did an interesting demonstration in the video that showed how our sense of motion can be fooled when we can’t see. We, of course, decided to try it at home. (They didn’t say "Don’t try this at home!")

You might need to turn the volume up to hear it.

So, why did this happen? What makes it feel like you’ve stopped and then begin turning in the opposite direction? It has to do with the fluid in your inner ears. When you first begin to spin, your body is spinning faster than the fluid. Then the fluid "catches up", and when that happens, it feels like you’ve stopped.

Try it. It really is amazing.

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5 thoughts on “Fooling the Senses”

  1. What a fun experiment. We have the video but no spinning chair! I know my kids would love to try that! :0)

    ~Rhonda at Living Water Christian Academy

  2. Heh, a couple of years ago, I ended up with ear/fluid problems after being quite sick with a flu (doc said it was from that anyway) and I remember well the same sort of off balance feeling — thinking I was moving when I wasn't, feeling like I was tipping when I wasn't… very aggravating!

  3. My dad actually has an inner ear balance problem and I think one of my children has inherited it. So, I just might try that experiment with one of the other children in dad's office chair. Child #2 would really have fun with that experiment! I think Child #4 might too, actually! I really ought to get some of those Moody Science videos!

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