Racing through Chores

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This week is cleaning theme week at Works for Me Wednesday. I have already made a few Works for Me Wednesday posts with some of my cleaning tips. Here’s our Chore Chart, and just last week I posted on Dividing Cleaning Tasks. You may think that I like to clean. But I really don’t. I just like the end results. There are some chores that I am particularly likely to procrastinate. My tip today is for those little chores that you tend to put off because “you don’t have enough time right now.” (I’m not talking about cleaning out the garage!)

Time yourself doing the chore.

Really. See how long it takes. I was amazed one time when I was heating something in the microwave while I was unloading the dishwasher. I finished the entire dishwasher while I was waiting! What about folding a load of laundry? It can be done in 5 minutes!

A way to take this just a step further is to have a race doing a chore. I started having a race with my daughter while putting sheets on my bed. My job is to put all the sheets on while she is putting all 4 pillow cases on. We actually have fun and it is a way to get the chore down even faster! You can even race against the clock if you can’t convince anyone to race with you.

On your mark…Get set…Clean!

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2 thoughts on “Racing through Chores”

  1. Oh I'm bad with chore organizing. Ha, I'm bad with "organizing" in general LOL. I need to start our chore charts up again ~ we had them before, but they fell by the wayside and we just went along without them… it's chaotic that way though, because nobody has specific jobs and it's always "okay, what didn't get done? who's gonna do that?" until I feel like pulling out some hair. 😛

  2. I've hear this tip before and it really does help me. I tend to think things I don't like to do take a really long time. And, of course, this works for things I really like to do. For instance, I finally had to time how long it takes me to write an article. It takes longer than I originally thought. Now I can plant for that.

    Peace to you,


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