Sep 042009
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Today we went on our first official field trip of the school year. This year we’re going on a monthly field trip with several other local homeschool families. We don’t call it a co-op because all we do are field trips, but in a way it is one of the simplest types of homeschool co-ops to be involved in. And even though it’s not too difficult to organize, I am VERY thankful that I am not organizing this, just purely receiving the blessings of others’ organization.

Our trip today was to Fort Dobbs, an historic site from the French and Indian War. Even though it is only about 45 minutes from our house, we had never visited before. The day began with a look around the Visitor’s Center where we were able to see…

This scale model of what the fort may have looked like.From there, we went outside to see the actual site of the fort.

The indention in the ground is where the cellar was.Next, we got to try our hands at archaeology.

After our dig, the kids got to…

roll cartridges.Followed by a demonstration.

We ended with some marching drills.

This was SUPPOSED to be a straight line!

It’s a good thing none of the kids are planning on being soldiers!

We finished up with a picnic lunch and a walk along the nature trail. It was definitely a great day!

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  3 Responses to “Fort Dobbs”

  1. What a wonderful field trip. I would love to go there someday.



  2. I love these types of field trips! It looks like it was a terrific day!! Blessings:)

    Amanda K


    Sweet Blessings:)

  3. Hi Kristen, Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday! It looks like this was a really great field trip! My boys would have really enjoyed the firing demonstration! Just bring out the guns and they're interested! LOL Loved reading about your trip and seeing the pictures from your day. Blessings, Tonya @ Live the Adventure

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