To-do Tuesday

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Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

I have NOT made good progress on my list this week. I got some of my items finished, but some of them took a little more time than they should have.

Clean out fishpond and stock with new fish.

Can you tell, I REALLY don’t want to do this one?

Finish weeding all the flower beds.
Paint the living room.

Decide on paint.
I had checked "Decide on paint" last week, but this week I undecided, and picked up a zillion more samples. I think I have once again decided, but now I don’t know if I’m going to have time to actually paint before my husband goes back to work!

Purchase new book shelf.

I may have to take this one off my list. I had hoped to make a trip to IKEA for this which is a 2 hour drive, and my summer time is running short!

Complete school planning for new year.

Completed curriculum list.

Potty train little one.

Still doing great!

Complete chore plan for upcoming year.

This is done, just need to make it look pretty! No progress on this last week.

Build more pages on squidoo.

I didn’t make any new pages, but I did a few updates.

Assist daughter in making apron.

Woohoo! This is our big accomplishment for the week!

Yes, my silly 2 year old is wearing her new "Sunday shoes". What you can’t see is that she is also wearing her pajamas. What natural fashion sense she has!

Write Sense and Sensibility (the apron pattern company) review.
Write Hank the Cowdog Review.
Write Webdesign for Kids Review.

Next week I’d better have some more checkmarks!

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6 thoughts on “To-do Tuesday”

  1. Great aprons! I like how long they are– I have no use for half-apron's as they don't cover the part that I messy up the most.

    To-do List… mine seems to get bigger every day!

  2. Great job! I need to find time to finish our aprons this week. My "To Do" list is looking about like yours, because I keep having to add items to it I didn't expect to need to do!

  3. ReviewsbyHeidi

    I need to do this.

    Your little one looks JUST like you, doesn't she? The aprons turned out very cute.


  4. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting

    I am still loving those aprons!! 🙂 Great job in tackling those To Do's this week!

    I'm a little late in starting this morning, because I wasn't feeling well last night, but this week's To Do Tuesday is up!

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