May 082009
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Christianity in Crisis – 21st Century by Hank Hanegraaff explores the teachings of the faith movement and demonstrates the ways in which its teachings fall outside of Biblical Christianity. It is a thoroughly researched and meticulously documented book that, in addition to exposing the errors of the faith movement, offers Biblical arguments against those teachings. First published twenty years ago, the newly updated version adds additional examples of the departure from Biblical Christianity by newer faith teachers such as Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

I was minimally acquainted with the teachings of the faith movement before reading this book.  I personally did not agree with its theology, but I was unaware of the extent this movement has strayed from Biblical Christianity. I was  horrified to read many of the teachings of this movement including that men are little gods and that God has no power on this earth unless men allow Him to act. I was pleased that the book does not end without offering hope for those who have been deceived or those who have been deceptive. The gospel of Christ and the essentials of the Christian faith are clearly presented. I highly recommend this book.

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  3 Responses to “Christianity in Crisis – 21st Century”

  1. That sounds like a great book. My mom used to go to Osteen's church before moving to California. I'd like to share some info with her.


  2. I think Hank gives Christians a bad name. I asked the ministry that led him to the Lord why he was attacking them. He said that he turned on them as he professed to have a ministry of basically judging and bad mouthing other Christians. His own mentors tried to approach him and deal with him. He would not submit to them. His own behavior is very alarming. He obviously doesn't believe in submitting to authority.

  3. I would not consider myself a fan of Hank Hanagraaff. For example, I don't agree with his views on creation or eschatology. But, I didn't find this book to be hateful. He was pointing out what he saw as error, but preaching the gospel.

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