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I am one of those people who find spelling and grammar errors in other people’s writing.  I try not to be too critical of other people’s writing.  I know it’s easy to have typos and sometimes when people are  just typing a quick note, they don’t feel the need to edit for proper word usage.

But my new pet peeve is VIOLA! (pronounced vee-oh-luh) Come on people, a viola is a stringed instrument that is slightly larger than a violin. The interjection used to express satisfaction is spelled  VOILA! (pronounced vwa-lah). I have seen this mistake recently in several e-mails, but yesterday I saw it in our local newspaper! It’s not a major newspaper, but we are the 4th largest city in North Carolina.  I would have expected someone to catch it.

But serve rice and beans together and — viola! — you have a complete protein, a dish that contains all of the essential amino acids.

Has anybody else noticed this mistake?  Maybe I’m just being too picky.

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6 thoughts on “Viola!”

  1. I'm laughing because I'm the exact same way. I know I make mistakes on my blog, though, because I'm always in a hurry to get something (anything) posted! When I find them in books, though, it really makes me upset!

  2. haha that's funny!!! Can't you just hear an Italian accent (and no offense to Italians)…"But serve rice and beans together and — (imagine them kissing their fingers, making a loud kissing noise and then opening their fingers up to exaggerate the movement) VEEEE OOOOO LAAAHHH". hahaha that cracks me up!!

  3. I notice mistakes everywhere. One of the perks of being a former English teacher, I suppose. I want to carry my red pen around with me and correct newspapers, stores signs, church bulletins, and more! Yet I refrain–as I just might offend someone. Even though sometimes it is painful to view, much as listening to fingernails being scraped on a chalkboard is painful to listen to!

  4. Yeah, I can point out mistakes in people's writings too. If I don't know how to spell something, I will look it up, before I write it down for someone else to read. It bothers me if someone misspells something, but I don't usually say anything to them, unless it's my children, so that they will know how to spell it next time.



  5. LOL! Spelling mistakes drive me crazy (and I know that I do make them every now and then too), but I try to be so careful about it.

    My biggest peeve is "oops" – I see more people spell it "opps". Sigh.

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