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Best Sites for Free Roman Numeral Resources

You may think that Roman numerals are unimportant, but for something so “outdated” they are still used in many areas including Clocks Movie copyright dates Superbowl numbering Outlines Numbering pages in prefaces of books Roman Numeral Resources You can teach Roman numerals alongside your history, math, or Latin program. Here are some free resources I …

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A Good Day

It’s been busy as usual around here. Yesterday I hardly had time to breathe and didn’t get a chance to even do any school with my younger son. Not that he minded 🙂 We had a 4H meeting, a Cross Country meet, and violin lessons in the afternoon. To top off the already busy day, …

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Islam Study

We finished our Islam study in Tapestry of Grace Year 2. (And yes, we are tremendously behind in history, but we’re moving forward now!) We discussed Muhammad and his life, as well as the basic tenets of the Islam faith. We looked at pictures of mosques, and built our own model. My daughter made a …

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