Planning, planning, planning

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Time flies when you’re having fun, and I have been having fun planning our school year. I am still far from finished, but I have gotten a lot done.

We’re going to be using Tapestry of Grace Year 3 for our History, Geography, Literature, and Church History studies next year. This is my first year using the Digital Edition (DE). I think there are some real advantages to the DE. For one thing, it doesn’t take up near as much space as those 4 giant notebooks (per year) for the printed version. It’s also easily searchable. If you have no idea where something is, it’s so much better to let the computer do your searching! Finally, it costs less and is available immediately, so no need to stalk the UPS man.

But I am finding that I can not effectively figure out everything we need to buy, borrow, or check out from the library next year without printing a few of the pages. And even though relatively speaking it’s just a few pages from each week, a few pages (6 to be exact) times 36 weeks is more than a few.

planning tapestry of grace

So I’ve been printing and page protecting. I really love sheet protectors. They allow me to use brightly colored fine-point Sharpies. Which also makes me happy. I know. I’m very weird.

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  1. Love the planning time! I hopped over to peek at TOG year 3 and would be interested to see what they have for Joseph Smith/Brigham Young/Mormons in Unit 2. 😉

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