Apr 152013

Blogging Through the AlphabetIt’s that time of year again.

For a curriculum junkie like me, it’s one of my favorites.

All the new curriculum catalogs arrive!

I can look and think and imagine what our homeschool is going to look like next year.

I can make a giant list of everything I would love to have for each of my children.

And then I have to make DECISIONS.

Because let’s face it. There is no way that I can do all the wonderful things and use all the amazing curriculum that I find. There are only so many hours in a day. There’s only 1 of me and 5 of them. I have to be realistic.

That’s the not so fun part. But it is more fun than seeing an expensive curriculum purchase sitting on the shelf that you failed to use. Then you feel guilty. But please don’t let yourself wallow in guilt! Here are some simple tips to help you avoid unused curriculum guilt in the future.

Here are the 4 steps I used to determine curriculum purchases.

  1. Evaulate
  2. List
  3. Research
  4. Choose

Come back for how to complete each of these steps.

Apr 062013

Blogging Through the Alphabet So once again, I missed the 2nd week of Blogging through the Alphabet. But I’m not going to let that stop me. I’m going to bend the rules a bit and do 2 letters in one post so I can catch up.

First, B is for Books.

My husband and I share a common weakness.

It’s books. We’ve always loved to buy books. Before we even thought about homeschooling, we already had quite a collection. And after 10 years of homeschooling….look out!

To further complicate the my book hoarding problem is the fairly large gap from my oldest to youngest child. So I have a hard time parting with anything because Andrew might use it.

I recently painted the boys’ room and in order to do so I unloaded the two 7 ft tall bookcases that are in their room. (OK, so I had David do it. But I stacked the books downstairs.)


This is what’s left. I still haven’t put all the books away. But I have a pretty good reason.

C is for Capital.

We just returned from a trip to the United States capital city, Washington D.C.

We had a nice visit, though it was a little colder than I would have liked.


Here are my boys with the Capitol in the background.

FYI – It’s spelled capitAl when referring to a city. It’s spelled capitOl when referring to the building. Just thought I’d take the opportunity to correct one of my misspelling pet peeves. This error is slightly less annoying than spelling voila –  wallah or worse – viola.

Mar 202013

Blogging Through the Alphabet Here I go on a brand new meme. I love to read other people’s alphabet blogging posts so why not join in? (Other than the small problem that the last time I tried I think I made only 1 or 2 posts…)

But when I said A is for Alphabet, I didn’t mean Blogging through the Alphabet. I meant the actual alphabet. I have a 2 year old who absolutely adores the alphabet. Actually his name is Andrew. He finds letters everywhere, because there are letters everywhere! It is so fun seeing the excitement in a child that is learning!

As I was thinking about this, I realized something. I think that one of the reasons he is so excited about learning and finding letters is that we are all excited with him and for him. When he runs to the TV while we’re watching Jeopardy and starts pointing to a B and yelling, “B! B! B!” none of us are angry. We all applaud him and tell him he’s right.

He knows all the letters now, but we’re still quizzing him on them. I have never caught myself thinking, “Shouldn’t he have this down now? Do I really need to review?”

Then I started thinking about my attitude in teaching my 2 year old Andrew compared to my almost 11 year old, William. There’s a big difference. In my defense, William wouldn’t want me to act really excited when he remembers how to borrow correctly in a subtraction problem. But I’m sure he would appreciate a little more praise. And I bet he’d appreciate more patience too.

I never get mad at Andrew if he says an M is a W. But I am often disappointed when William doesn’t remember something that I think he should. Usually I am good about not saying something negative, but he knows when I’m frustrated.

I need to remember that everyone learns differently and at different rates. God has given William to us for many reasons. One of those reasons might just be to teach me a thing or two (or two thousand.)

I’m so thankful that God is a gracious God. He gently corrects me when I make the same mistakes OVER and OVER AGAIN. I’ll bet He’s excited when I get things right, just like I’m excited to see Andrew learn his letters. I pray I can remember the alphabet the next time I’m frustrated about showing William how to do something that he “should” already know how to do.

What do you think? Do you struggle with finding the positive like I do?

Sep 122012

Blogging Through the Alphabet I’ve always thought alphabet memes were fun, so when I found out that Marcy at Ben and Me was starting over on hers, I marked my calendar.

And I still missed the A week, because…

Read the title.

Busyness. Whoa. We started back to school, and I’m working part time, and it’s cross country season right now.

I read blogs that tout simplicity. And I do like simple.

Anna winning yesterday’s cross country meet!

And compared to the typical American family, I think our schedule is simple.

But homeschooling with 5 kids is not simple. No matter how you do it. Or at least it’s not for me and my 5 kids.

But we’re really off to a great year. The children’s schoolwork is going well. Anna has started back to violin lessons. And cross country season is in full swing. I even managed to price items for a consignment sale.

So right now, things are chaotic, and I’m tired.

But happy.

A little brother and sister computer time