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My name is Kristen and I’m the happily married mother of 5 children. I am addicted to homeschool curriculum, and I confess that I think I like planning and researching homeschooling more than actually homeschooling! I’m a former engineer, so math and science are my specialties. I do love to read, but teaching literature is a scary task for me.

My husband Kevin is a public school teacher. He’s currently teaching pre-engineering classes to high school students, but he was a chemistry teacher for many years.

Our oldest son, David, is 18 years old. He is our very first graduate. His passions are film-making, editing, and computer game making. He loves math, especially complicated theories. He’s not so crazy about computation. He will be attending college this fall.

Our oldest daughter, Anna, is 16. She is very girly, but tough as nails. She loves all things crafty. She also takes violin lessons and runs cross country. As a student, she is very independent. Her favorite subject is Latin. She recently told me that she would also like to resume Greek (we tried that as a family for a few years) and learn French and eventually Hebrew. She also loves to read, especially historical fiction.

Our middle son is William. He’s 14 years old. He has struggled with school.  He’s still not up to grade level (whatever that is) in any subject. I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to teach him. His attitude about school work is terrible, so it makes my life difficult at times.

Our youngest daughter Lizzie is 9. She is our little drama queen. She’s very quick, and like her big sister, enjoys school work…most of the time. She’s very smart and loves to read and right stories. She’s quite the character and has us all laughing with her antics.

Our youngest son is Andrew. He’s 5-1/2 old and also quite a character. He loves building and is excited about starting Kindergarten…most of the time. He’s got crazy, curly blond hair and gives the best hugs.

We’re a Christian family with reformed theological views. We do not use exclusively Christian curriculum, but an eclectic mix of resources. I like to call our style relaxed classical. It leans a little more toward the relaxed and less towards the classical with the boys.

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I saw a post of yours from a while back on Homeschoolblogger. It talked about you doing Brain Intergration Therapy with your son. I was wondering it about the outcome and your overall experience with it. We are considering it for our son, but the $125 an hour is very pricey, and the claims they make are a little hard to believe. If you don’t mind sharing your experience with me,please. We are desperate.


  2. Hello Kristen H:
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    Around 2014 you were kind enough to review our materials on your Blog. We posted what you wrote and on our Alpha-Phonics website(www.alphaphonics.com). Your Post has remained there ever since. It is potentially exposed to about 75,00 unique visitors per year.
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    If this interests you please let us know and we will send further information.
    Also, if you are interested, we would like ask you to renew the link between Sunrise and Sunset on our Blog (www.alphaphonics.com/blog).
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    Thank you,
    –Peter Watt for The Paradigm Co., Inc.

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