Unschooling Science

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unschooling science
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This week we’re talking about Math and Science in the Virtual Curriculum Fair hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds  and Laura @ Day by Day in Our World. I’ve spent an interesting couple of hours going through old posts on my blog and I have come to the following conclusions.

I have a ton of posts about math. Some of the best ones are the posts for previous Virtual Curriculum Fairs.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now About Math

Spiral Math: The Post Where I Admit I Was Wrong

Thinking Mathematically: How I Choose Math Curriculum

Besides those, I’ve written reviews of my favorite math curricula as well as various other math curricula and supplements I’ve been asked to review over the years.

There are also posts lamenting my oldest son’s lack of speed in math calculation and the need for more drill.

(He still doesn’t show his work on his math, but if you check out this video he made for a national math video contest last year, I think he’s doing just fine. He placed 2nd!)

Then I did a search for posts about science and found fewer posts.

There’s a review for Apologia Elementary Science. I used several of their books for my older kids when they were younger. It’s a great program. Now both my high schoolers use Apologia Science text books. And in theory William and Lizzie are using the Apologia Elementary ones. But practically speaking…

We’re unschooling science for the younger kids.

I’m not totally satisfied with that fact. Really it’s a big experiment. (Seems fitting since I am talking about science, right?)

But the truth is, I just don’t get science done with my younger kids.

It’s on my list every year.

It’s always a goal.

But I’ve yet to achieve it.

Even though we don’t “do” science very often here, that doesn’t mean William and Lizzie know nothing about science. We own the entire collection of Magic School Bus videos. Lizzie and Andrew watch them all the time. (William is too old for them, but he watches them anyway.) We also have many of the Magic School Bus Books, lots of Usborne science books, animal books, and the entire set of Moody Science videos.
679657: Moody Classics, 19 DVDs

We also have fun science kits that the kids think of as toys. Today William built an egg beater with K’nex. Another fantastic science “toy” are these Snap Circuits. These get a lot of “play” time!



Will my unschooling experiment end up with high schoolers who can’t learn science?

I seriously doubt it. But I’ll probably still feel guilty occasionally about our lack of formal science instruction. Then I’ll try to remember all they are doing on their own for science.


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