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Unpinnable – No Projects in Homeschool

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Once upon a time, I posted weekly updates on our homeschool. And there were some pretty fun projects to mention.

We made lapbooks,



and lots of other creative projects.


All that was before Pinterest.

Photo credit - akemp42 Photo credit  – akemp42

Now our homeschool is not very pinnable. And as a result, I’ve felt it was not very bloggable.


Sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t do as many projects with my younger children as I did with my older ones.  But then I have to be realistic.


I am homeschooling 4 children plus an almost 4 year old thrown in the mix. Two of them are in high school. True, my high school students work mainly independently. But they are in outside classes which requires extra driving around. Plus, David especially has to bounce ideas off of me for special projects (which he does a lot.) Then there’s the grading. (Does anyone have any magical grading machines?)

But the biggest issue is William. He’s dealing with multiple learning difficulties, and just getting him through what I consider the bare minimum of core subjects leaves me exhausted and completely unmotivated for anything extra.

Maybe I need to rethink what I consider the “bare minimum” of core subjects for William. I want my younger children to have the experiences of making things and read-alouds that my older ones did, and I’m just not finding it possible in our current situation.

Today is the last day before we start our Christmas vacation. I’m sure I’ll be doing thinking about what we need to do differently in the new year. I’m especially interested in any suggestions for helping highly distractible students work independently.

How do you make time for projects?

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