Gratitude Challenge Day 10

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Today I am thankful for books: real, solid, hold them in your hands, books. Not that I don’t appreciate technology, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enjoy reading from an e-reader the same way that I do a book. This year I’ve set a goal of reading 52 books in 52 weeks. I haven’t done an update post recently, but the goal is definitely within reach (I’m almost finished with book #42!)

I can’t say that all the books I’ve read have been deep or meaningful, but there have been some challenging books. Lately though I’ve been in escape reading mode, and I’ve read a lot of mysteries. I recently discovered a new (to me) author, Donna Andrews. I’m almost done with the 11th book in her Meg Langslow Mystery series! These books are what I would classify as cozy mysteries. They are not violent. (Well, as much as a murder mystery isn’t violent. What I mean is there are not descriptions of gore.) They are not scary. I read in bed so I can’t read anything that will keep me awake or give me nightmares!

I also hope to finish reading The Portrait of a Lady before the end of the year. It has taken me a LONG time to get through this book. I’m reading through the classics as listed in The Well Educated Mind. At the rate I’m going, this will be a life-long project! Also currently on my nightstand is The Kneeling Christian and The Jesus You Can’t Ignore.

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  1. I love books, too. Our shelves are overflowing, and I’m always reading at least three things at once. (not including all the things we’re reading with school!) I love the portability of the e-readers, but I’ll always love the feeling of a book in my hands!

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