Spread the love I participated in this challenge last year and found the extra encouragement to meditate on thankfulness a blessing. So, even though I’m starting late, I’m going to participate this year too.

  1. God’s grace and mercy extended to me
  2. Christ’s atoning blood
  3. The sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit
  4. God’s sovereignty
  5. My husband
  6. My children
  7. My church
  8. A Christian heritage

After today, I’ll be adding my thankful list to my sidebar.

On a related note, I have updated my How to Have Thankful Children Hubpage. I added a couple of new activities I have found. If you have any links to suggest, I’d be happy to add them. (Note: I’m not looking for Thanksgiving holiday activities, just those that focus on thankfulness.)

Spread the love

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness”

  1. I'm so glad you decided to join in on the challenge this month – it's never too late! =) I hope it's a blessing to you! I'll be back to check on your list from time to time. And how fun to discover another homeschooling mom out there!? Yay!

  2. It's always nice to meet someone new of this journey to Thanksgiving. Your blog is just lovely. My son's wife home schools her children. They have such a wonderful time!

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