Aug 182009
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This is week three of the “Not Back-to-School Blog Hop” at My 3 Boybarians. I cheated a little and just linked to some of my past posts for the first two weeks. Week 1 was Curriculum Week and I shared our curriculum for next year here. I shared this post for Week 2 – Schoolroom week.

This week is Student Photo week, and although I post plenty of pictures of my kids here, I thought I’d take a quick picture of everybody today since it’s almost our first day “not back to school”.

This is my 11 year old. He is my artsy/computer geek. He loves making movies, editing pictures, and drawing cartoons.

This is my 9 year old. She is my craft-loving girl. She also loves to read, especially historical fiction. I think she inherited that from her mama.

This is my 7 year old. I posted this goofy picture because he is such a goof. He loves to laugh and he never sits still. He’s my most challenging child to teach.

This is my little one who will be 3 in October. Though technically not one of my students, she adds an extra challenge to our days keeping her out of trouble. (This is not the picture I took of her today.)

Thanks for taking a look at my students. If I don’t get to work on my school planning, we really won’t be going back to school!



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  7 Responses to “Student Photo Week”

  1. I can really see the personality of each of your children in their pictures!!

  2. This blog hop is fun. It is nice to "meet" your kiddos.



  3. I am always amazed at how my husband and I put together can equal children that are so different from each other. I just love how God gives us variety– and it looks like you have plenty of that at your house too, Kristen!

    🙂 Thanks for commenting on and about my blog. I was reluctant to make the switch from HSB since I just love the people and community so very much (that and the fact that I started blogging at HSB in 2005!). I like the fact that I can reply directly to comments and that posts are easily exportable to WP and programs (like those cool blogbooks).

    Hope you have a great week and that you get your planning done!

  4. Great pictures! Don't you love how unique each and every one of them is?

  5. Kristen –

    Such a beautiful family you have!


  6. Sweet family!

  7. You've got a beautiful family! I hope y'all have a great school year!

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