Mar 032009

One of the on-going projects in Apologia Elementary Zoology 3 is to make a notebook of animal tracks. In addition, the lesson that we just finished has a project to try to collect animal tracks in your backyard using wet cement in a pan and food for bait. Hopefully, an animal will walk through the pan and leave tracks for the students to identify.

I’m up for a lot of projects, but when I saw that one I thought, "No way are we doing that!".  As it turns out, we didn’t need to. We got snow here on Sunday night. This morning (Tuesday), I looked out on my front porch to a surprise zoology project.

The problem is, we can’t tell what kind of tracks they are.

I think maybe the front foot prints are butting up against the back foot prints.

With the front and back feet moving together, it doesn’t seem like the way a dog or cat walks.

It seems like maybe a rabbit? The tracks are like a hopping animal. But here is the weirdest part. The tracks come up the porch steps…

Up the rocking chair…

And over the porch rail? What animal would do that? A cat doesn’t like the snow and might walk really funny like that. But I don’t know why a cat would wander that far in the snow. (We don’t have one.)

So, any opinions?