Sep 172011

Do you know that commercial with the guy sitting behind a desk saying,

“I can do that. I can do that….How am I going to that?”

That’s kind of how I felt at the beginning of this week.

The kids had 3 cross country meets.

I had 3 writing deadlines.

I had a consignment sale to prepare for and drop-off the clothes for.

My son had a 2 hour appointment for testing that was 35 minutes away.

My daughter started back to violin lessons, and we had a field trip that I had scheduled (and paid for) well in advance.

And there was school to do. And cooking. And laundry. Cleaning pretty much didn’t happen this week.

But I made it! In one piece. And I did everything that I had scheduled.

We had a nice time at Old Salem Homeschool Days with friends.

This lady happens to be our pastor’s mother and church pianist. But she also works as a guide at Old Salem.

We learned about pipe organs.

This is the joiner shop.

The potter.

Learning about levers.

And pumps.

Trying out a balance.

Making lye for soap.

The Viegler House.

It looks like I wasn’t the only one who had a long week!