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For anyone who enjoys maps, I just found a really fun geography website.  The site has maps of the world where the areas of the countries are relatively enlarged or shrunken for comparisons to other nations.  For example, this is the Total Population map.  You an see that China and India are much “fatter” than the US and Europe.  There are population maps for years 1, 1500, 1900, 1960, 2050, and 2300.  Here’s an interesting one on Net Immigration. The US is swollen like a balloon. There are maps about tourism, transportation types (rail, auto, moped, etc.), food imports and exports broken down into fruits, vegetable, dairy, cereal, meat, and fish.  Here are a couple of timely maps:  Toy imports and toy exports.  There are 366 maps on the site.  They also have pdf files for each of them.  What a great tool this could be for adding maps to our notebooks!

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