Oct 282009
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You know that feeling like you’re just starting to get a sore throat? You’re not certain that you’re getting sick, but it seems really pretty likely. I found something several years ago that usually heals my throat when I do it early enough.

I have to warn you though. It tastes pretty gross.

I gargle hydrogen peroxide. I take about a capful of the standard strength hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle and pour it into a little bathroom cup. I add about the same amount of water to the cup. Then I gargle that. Sometimes, if I’m not too disgusted, I even do it again. You don’t really taste it while you’re gargling, it’s the after taste that’s pretty bad.

But I really don’t like getting sick and I’ve found that gargling with hydrogen peroxide Works for Me!

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  7 Responses to “Sore Throat Tip”

  1. If you put a little less than a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide into your ear when you have an ear ache it works too. I have also heard that it helps with the stomach flu, but can not say that I have tried it for that. Anyhoo, you put some in the hurting ear and lay there while it bubbles, and bubbles. After a few minutes sit up and drain your ear. We had a child with chronic ear infections and he never gets them anymore.



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  2. I recently did the "gargle salt water" version of this. Perhaps I'll give hydrogen peroxide a "go" as well [smile].


  3. I've heard that works, but I'm not sure I could handle the taste. I'm whimpy like that, but YOU, you are gorgeous. Sounds random I know, but it's not. I'm giving you a gorgeous blogger award, and this is my clever (or not so clever) way of slipping it into the conversation. 🙂 Stop by and pick it up when you get the chance.


  4. Such good advice! I've been swishing with peroxide, too, to aid a gum area that the dentist probed as a "5" — no $190 in-depth cleaning in my future, I hope! I just brush afterwards and scrape my tongue, and the taste is eliminated. Usually.

  5. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing…I HATE it when I feel a sore throat coming on!


  6. I'd never heard of that before… Really good to know!


  7. Years ago. I've tried it, and it isn't the taste that bothers me. I don't even notice the taste–or can't remember it. It was the continued foaming that bothered me. I had to keep coughing it up and spitting for awhile! It did seem effective, though! 🙂

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